Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Starting Soccer

After about 6 game cancellations due to snow last week, the kids got to finally start soccer today. Crispy and Melissa were both so excited! Crispy is still quite timid around the ball, and tends to let everyone else kick the ball first. But he did not get into any fights today, so that was good. Tubby had a great time scooting around on the grass....he kept scooting onto the soccer field: he wanted to play!!! Melissa would rescue him each time and have him practice walking back to our spot on the sidelines.

Melissa had a perma-grin on her face, and was jumping up and down for joy during the entire hour of her soccer game. She even got right in there each time the ball was close by, and KICKED it too! Last year we had to wait all season long for that! We are looking forward to Jonny's first game on Thursday (if it does not get rained out).

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