Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Being Prepared

Laura had a very busy morning today...she had to play with all of her toys that she opened late last night. When she wasn't opening new boxes, she was zooming around the kitchen island on one of the plasma cars. She never once asked to watch a video or play computer today....she had so many other things to do. Michael helped her with a giant Max & Ruby floor puzzle, Crispy helped her set up and play with her Dora dollhouse and the 50 new pieces, Melissa did plasma car racing with her in the afternoon. Laura took little breaks now and then to play her Clickstart computer hooked to the tv. So, how our main computer broke again while we were at hockey tonight, I do not know.....Jonny?......Melissa?....

We had a very early dinner (4:15) of spaghetti before Michael left with the neighbors for his game in Burnsville. I cleaned up the kitchen and finished some laundry while I waited for Bob, so that we could go to the game together. The kids finished up their Valentines to bring to school tomorrow. Melissa set up a Webkinz account for her little sister. Bob ended up having a very sick patient, and didn't think that he would be able to make it. That left me and the baby on our own with only 30 minutes before the start of the game. takes at least 45-50 minutes to get there....better drive fast!

Even though I arrived almost 30 minutes after the start of ice time(and Bob walked in right behind me!), the kids were only halfway through the first period. We soon figured out why....the refs were calling EVERYTHING. Any little falter, any little misstep, any accidental was ridiculous. At least they were calling everything on both teams so that no one was unfairly managed. It just made both teams very annoyed! And made for a long game. It was all worth it in the end because we WON our first district game! Yahoo! Now we won't finish the season in absolute last place!

It was a slightly harrowing drive home on the back winding roads in the freshly falling snow. At times it was difficult to see where the road was in the country fields. I guess my new habit is to grocery shop before each winter storm and deep freeze.....I found myself stopping there as I slid on into Waconia at 9pm, my sweet baby sleeping in his seat. It took a bit longer than expected, and Jonny ended up having to go to bed before I got home without watching American Idol. We will have to have a Survivor/Idol party tomorrow night to celebrate Valentine's Day. Sorry, Jonny! At least we won't starve in the next few days!

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