Sunday, February 17, 2008

Time Diary of a Day

*7:36am~hit snooze button for 6th time in a row...I really need to get up now!
*8:15am~leave 10 minutes late for church
*10:15am~drop kids back off at home, keep Crispy and Thomas in truck to go to hockey in Delano
*10:50am~Crispy is all ready to get on the ice...10 minutes early! WOW!!!! Nurse the baby
*12:55pm~arrive back at home, make PB&J lunches with yogurt and strawberries for the kids
*1:20pm~everyone pile into truck to go to final tourney hockey game....Ewwww! Poopy blow out! Give baby a necessary bath and change clothes
*1:30pm~leave driveway 15 minutes late......*ding ding ding*...out of gas
*1:45~leave gas station with half tank of gas now 30 minutes like a speed demon(within the legal limits, of course!)
*2:45pm~arrive at White Bear Lake arena....only 15 minutes late. Whew! The games are running behind! We now are 30 minutes early!
*3:15~bribe kids with popcorn and Gatorade so that some of the game can be viewed
*4pm~what about baby? Nurse him in Women's restroom since no other appropriate space available
*4:30~leave game with kids in the middle of last very disappointing period....chances of winning are like crazy to Westwood as we are 15 minutes late of leaving
*5:15pm~drop Jonny, Melissa, Crispy off at church for JAM & JELLYS still 15 minutes late....go have ice cream and chili at Culver's with Laura
*6:15pm~bundle the two little ones, throw them in the stroller, and make the long trek across the parking lot to pick up kids in crowded!
*6:55pm~arrive back at home finally..."Mom! We're hungry!!".....chips and cheese and salsa tonight
*7:45pm~finally crash on couch, have pajama party with kids while watching new Max & Ruby DVD
*8:15pm~I think I am asleep, phone rings....Alex needs a ride home from Youth Group....wonderful husband picks him up.....fall back asleep with my kids huddled in "the pocket"

The End

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