Friday, February 29, 2008

Tubby's Tubes

Though things are so busy around here, the kids miss daddy. It is interesting, because it is not unusual for them to barely see him some days when he is so busy at work. But because they know he is physically so far away, they are missing him. Melissa said that she almost started to cry again at school today when she told her teacher that daddy had gone....and I am pretty sure that the way she phrased it, it made it seem like he is not expected to come back. She also got all teary eyed after viewing the picture daddy had sent us from one of his golfing expeditions today next to a giant cactus. Thomas also seems to be saying "da-da" a lot today...I think the kids are talking about daddy A LOT. Maybe he will check this posting and see how much his family misses and loves him!!!

Now that Thomas scoots so well on his butt, his new found mobility extends him no patience to sit still. That means no more content playtime in Tubby's turnaround, and no more bouncing bashes in the jumperoo for kicks. He just wants to be on the move...constantly. He spends his days following me around, and scavenging for crumbs on the floor. This is all well and good by his standards. But what REALLY makes him happy?

The answer is quite simple, but perhaps unexpected. What really makes this little boy happy (besides being with his daddy), is a tube. That's all. A simple tube of something, of anything will do. From a tube of butt paste to a favorite green tube of professional grade pampering lotion, as long as it is tube-shaped, it is as if pure gold to my boy. He will hang onto one tube for literally HOURS as he scoots around the house on his butt. Beware if you try to remove the tube from his grasp, his wrath is quick and furious, and he is not likely to forgive any time soon. It is the first thing that he finds in my closet in the morning as I get ready for the day, and it is the last thing he holds onto, holding on tightly even in sleep. This tube of peach body lotion kept him busy for 4 hours today....I am not kidding. OK, kids, let's put away all the bulky baby toys, Spring is coming, and with it means lots of sunscreen..... plenty of tubes to keep my baby happy!

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