Thursday, February 28, 2008

Destination Known

With the soft snowflakes falling, dancing in the frequent gusts of wind, my husband packed his bags and left me. Not for good (at least I hope not!), but destined for a few well deserved relaxing days golfing in Arizona with a great friend. All the kids gave him hugs, and Melissa broke down in tears as we waved good-bye from the frosty window. Thomas chanted "da-da-da-da" while maintaining his adorable cheeky smile. One last wave out the window, and it was back to business for the rest of us.

Melissa and I finished boxing up her girl scout cookies, and she braved the cold to make a few deliveries in the cul-de-sac. We had a gourmet dinner of leftover pizza warmed in the microwave before throwing the last pile of cookies at the dad who was in the doorway to pick them up. Then we were rushing out the door with Grandma Z(rather, almost running her over) to get Michael's skates sharpened before getting Jonny back up to school on time for his primetime performance. Whew! Grandma C had been one of the lucky few adults to view the matinee showing of "Destination America" (I had been at an ortho appointment with Alex). She gave it rave reviews and mentioned how impressed she had been with a very talented young lad named Jonathan. We were eager to see this play for ourselves....and to get to the school safely as driving conditions were rather icy and treacherous.

The 4th graders did not disappoint, and the play lived up to it's good word. Jonathan seemed so comfortable up on stage, dressed as a Broadway producer, singing, speaking, and dancing in front of the crowded stands in the gymnasium. He sang a solo into the microphone, introduced a scene, and was one of the dancers on the floor. I was so very proud of my son....he really did a great job with every part, and I am not just saying that as a biased parent. I think that this may be his niche! He certainly seems to be like his father who was involved in all of his school plays and musicals as he was growing up....and only one of the lead characters would ever do! Jonny certainly does not get it from me....the thought of standing up there in front of everyone stresses me so much, it makes me want to throw up. I was comfortable with the behind the scenes type of work....decorating the sets and playing my instruments in the darkness of the pit orchestra. But Jonny? He could very well be destined for the real Broadway someday!

After the play, we set our own destination course back to home, sliding only part of the way. It was eerily quiet at home....Michael had entertained the younger kids and had them mesmerized by something Star Wars related in the library, and Alex had gotten the baby to fall asleep peacefully in his bed(Alex's bed...heaven forbid the baby sleep in his own crib!). The house was under control, albeit a bit messier than when I had left in a rush, and the kids all went up to bed without complaint. I had this odd sensation that my kids were all working with me as a true family team. It was wonderful! Jonny, Michael and I caught up on American Idol, and then watched Survivor as we realized we would not have time to watch it before Michael leaves tomorrow for his tournament. It was a late night, ending at about 11pm. And now my destination is bed, as I am very ,very ,sleepy.

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