Saturday, February 16, 2008

Party Day

It's party day for Laura! She has been looking forward to this day for a while now....this year is fun with her because she actually understands a bit more how special birthdays are. Yesterday, she was so excited to see Papa Don again that she insisted that he was the only one she was inviting to her party (and Grandma and Grandpa too...). She was really stubborn about it and stuck on this plan. She had decided that they were going to play hide and seek, and then go get ice cream. Everyone else could stay home until next year.

Well, little Laura had a house full of "uninvited" guests. Ultimately, she was glad for this...she felt very special. (Though she still states "I didn't want to have a party.") She got to spend some time playing with Papa Don at his house before they drove over to Grandma and Grandpa's house. She was glued to him for the entire rest of the day. She did not want to open a single gift or have anything to do with her cake unless he was right at her side (or rather, she was in his arms). She was thrilled to spend special time shopping for a present with he and Grandma Z later. I think that this little girl kind of likes her Godfather!

The party was mom and dad had done a wonderful job decorating. Lots of pink balloons, Tinkerbell, and hearts. It looked like a little girl's dream party! They got to showcase their new was fabulous for a party. It was like being in a model home. I had ordered a frosting sheet personalized picture of Max & Ruby to place on Laura's cake (off of ebay) worked perfectly! In the middle of such a hectic weekend, it was nice to spend a relaxing afternoon with so much family.

Michael's team played well this evening. It was a very exciting and close game. They ended up losing 2-3, but had played so hard. Tomorrow they will play in the afternoon again....this time for third place!

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