Saturday, February 23, 2008

Driving to South Dakota

This morning, Melissa and I were up at the crack of dawn and out the door with the baby to go to a Brownie Scout event at the Minnesota Children's Museum in downtown St. Paul. The girls learned various games and crafts from around the world, made 3 projects, played hop scotch in Italy and Africa, read stories, and earned a patch, in a whirlwind 60 minute time period. Melissa enjoys arts and crafts so much, and she tries so hard. She tries her very best, and ends up with something looking like Laura did it, but she is proud of it all the same. Good for her!

Upon returning to Waconia, we made a non-nutritious stop at McDonald's for an emergency lunch for everyone. 10 minutes later, Crispy and I left with Thomas to go to his hockey practice in Richfield. It was such a lovely day outside, and here we were, driving back and forth to the cities all day....would have been more fun to take all that time and land in the middle of South Dakota. What a drag. On the upside, Crispy did an awesome job at practice today. He really boogied out on the ice, listened to his coaches, and worked hard. I was very proud of him. Since I had such a nasty headache, I had left my huge diaper bag in the truck...I always bring it in with me, no matter what, but not today. And wouldn't you know, the baby had a huge poopy mess, through his clothes and all! The nice part was the excuse to leave the indoor arena and walk back outside to the truck to change my stinky boy. I may have taken an extra minute or two breathing in the fresh air and soaking in some sunshine!

We stopped at Costco on the way home and loaded up with fresh fruits and other things. Costco is really the best place around here to buy produce for our big family....too bad it is 30 minutes away. We arrived home finally at about 7pm and were starving. I used all of the influences of watching the Iron Chef on tv to quickly make the best chicken fajitas ever, with homemade tortillas, and corncake from scratch....all in under one hour! It sure hit the spot after never once making it to Don Pablo's last weekend though we had been in the cities so many times. It was really yummy. Could I ever replicate it? Don't know....I rarely use recipes, and things just seem to work out, sometimes more awesomely than other times.

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nlhauck said...

I am curious about these homemade tortillas? When I make mine from scratch it takes soooo long just to roll out all those 6-8 inch rounds... and my family is not as big as yours! You're amazing to make the tortillas and the rest of the meal in an hour! I think we need a recipe post for these tortillas - along with your speed tip!