Monday, February 25, 2008

Cookie Day

The big news for today is that the Girl Scout cookies are here! Melissa just loves it that I am the Cookie Mom for her troop. For me, that means organizing the sale for our troop, with some gentle prodding reminders along the way, keeping track of orders and totals, picking up the cookies for everyone on delivery day, and finally collecting all monies and ensuring everything balances correctly. I get to do detailed work, which I love to do (like when I worked in the business office at Herberger's balancing the store totals each day). For Melissa, it means she gets to help separate out the boxes of cookies for each girl in her troop, and feel special by being helpful and an important part of this group. Sure, we have 69 cases of cookies in our living room which totals out to 828 boxes, but all the kids help in some way, and everyone looks forward to this time of year at our house. Michael helped me bring them all in the house from the truck which was packed, front to back. Crispy worked on the inside, placing the boxes in groups according to type. He spent the rest of the afternoon playing legos in his cookie fort. Laura helped where she could, carrying smaller boxes from here to there (and other random places, like the stairs). Jonny separated one of the large orders, and Melissa pretty much did the rest. Extra bonus for us, since I like to be perfectionistic and have nice, even numbers on our troop's order, we always order enough boxes of each type of cookie to make full cases. That means extra cookies (about 100 boxes)for us! Trust me, they do not last long with all of these kids!

Michael had his last hockey game of the official season tonight in Inver Grove Heights. I was so happy (not) to be driving an hour to the cities yet again. I just didn't feel like I had done enough driving this past weekend. Instead, Bob was able to get home early enough by changing his schedule to take the boys to the game early(they need to arrive 1 hour before game start). Thomas, Melissa, and myself rode along with my neighbor and her daughter an hour later. That gave us just enough time to heat up some popcorn chicken(cheater's meal) and water to drink for dinner. The really funny thing was that on top of such a bogus "meal", the kids decided to have a picnic, and were all sitting on the floor in the kitchen, next to the garbage bags that needed to go out to the garage, cuz there wasn't any room anywhere else to sit due to the cookie invasion. Yes, my kids were slumming tonight. I really wish that it had not been so would have been a great time to stop and take a picture.

Michael's game was great. The kids gave it their all, and finished the season off as winners. Thomas took bites of soft pretzel tonight, and didn't gag so much after the first 10 minutes. He held onto a small section which he gnawed away at for the duration of the game. He even dabbled with the cheese sauce dip every now and then. Meanwhile, Grandma Z was back in Waconia attending Alex's "surprise" band concert....I was very surprised when Alex came in the door after school today announcing he needed to be back there again at 6:15. It would really be great if he could let me know what's up ahead of time. He has been pushing to get a job so badly, but this is one of the reasons I am not for it at all at this point. We need to have a bit more advanced planning around here with all of the crazy things going on. Anyhow, thank you Grandma for filling in on pretty much no notice, again!

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