Monday, February 18, 2008

Catching Up?

Boy, I am so far behind on blogging, I don't know quite where to begin! I plan on adding other post-dated entries soon(Update 2/19~post-dates up to date). Our computer has been broken again for the past week, and our internet abilities have been spotty. My laptop is the only thing besides Alex's personal setup that still works, but being that all the other computers were destoyed by little hands, I am being selfish and not allowing any children access to it! My laptop works great for surfing the net and checking emails, but typing is a bit challenging as my "g", "h", "p", and "5" keys only work sporadically. It gets old pretty quick. I am surprised by how much we rely on the computer and internet. I need to check emails at least 2-3 times a day to verify that practices, meetings, activities, etc., are still happening as planned or to see if one has just been added (Michael missed an extra hockey event on Laura's birthday because I had not checked email since the early morning, and they added something in the afternoon for that evening). This morning, the internet was not working on my laptop (due to stupid human error), but I had to call my sister-in-law whose new phone number was still in my email inbox. Michael came to the rescue with his Nintendo Wii of all games, workout routines, weather reports, and internet service....what an awesome gaming device!

The kids had today off which was just the thing we needed after such a long, tiring weekend. We had planned on meeting our twin cousins at a cool indoor playland today, but that fell through due to sickness, so we improvised with an unorganized and somewhat chaotic Plan B. Michael and Jonny each had a friend over for the whole day, Melissa played with the neighbor girl for a while before she needed a break (sometimes the negative influences make her tired), and Crispy spent most of the afternoon across the street with his good buddies. I was able to spend some time with Laura playing with her new Dora legos....we made a wonderful casita and playground for all of her little figures. Oh! Even with a housefull of 10 kids today(one being a very sick baby), I was blessed with about 30 minutes of piano playing bliss. Sure the baby was crying half of the time next to my piano bench(rather it was more like a pathetic "I'm sick" moan....sounded like singing!), and the living room was torn apart as the kids were drawn in (by the melodious magic, I am sure), but by golly, it was rejuvinating!

The kids seemed to have a good day. In particular, they enjoyed Pizza Ranch for lunch (I was not going to attempt making food with all of the extra kids around), and the arrival of a new hot pink PlasmaCar....yes, that now makes three for us. Have I mentioned how much fun they are???? This one only took me two minutes to put together. No kidding. I am a pro now. I also took the new iGallop out of the box. It is an excerciser made to simulate horseback riding. It helps strengthen core muscle groups and balance. I bought it with Melissa in mind, but actually, many of us can benefit from it. All the kids took many a turn on this thing. Between all the car racing and horseback riding, we are all going to be skinny-minis soon!(gee, I wish!) We also got buds on four of the herb plants in the Aero Garden already...I can almost taste freshly seasoned home cooked meals!

I was lucky enough to avoid the cold air most of the day. I did not have to leave my house until a boring meeting for the Pinewood Derby this evening at 7pm. I am now resting in my cozy bed (with new sheets cuz the baby pooped and puked all over them this morning) with my sleeping baby next to me. He has a fever, and a croup-asthma cough that sometimes makes him puke. Nebs help only minimally. His nose is dripping thick bugary sludge, he had dried up blood on his right ear where he scratched himself from digging at it so much, and he looks rather pathetic....but is still so very cute, especially with those rosy red cheeks. Poor baby.

Speaking of poor babies.... Mary's youngest, Blaise, is in the hospital on IV antibiotics for an unknown infection that they are guessing my be sinus. Please pray for a speedy recovery and that Mary will get through it with her nasty "morning sickness" in full swing. That's right....the girl's pregnant again! She insists that she doesn't know how it happened........ ;o)

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