Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Don't Cry Over Spilt Peanut Butter Toast

Today was simply filled with more of the same sickness as yesterday. Thomas' fever has subsided, but he is still fairly miserable. Anytime he cries, even for a short while, he is set into such a coughing fit with his croup/asthma that he sounds like he is choking on his own windpipe. He inevitably ends up puking, saturating his blanket, and continues choke/coughing until I give him a neb. It has been lovely....two loads of laundry lovely. This Nerds Candy Rope was the only thing keeping him happy today....he wouldn't let go for anything else.

I ended up with mastitis on top of this illness (it actually began the same day, so perhaps I do not actually have the virus that Tubby does, but merely fever and aches from the infection just coincidentally at the same time?). It has made the past two days even more difficult. It is extremely challenging taking care of a sick baby who needs you so much when you, yourself are sick! Bob called in some antibiotics for me this evening. I have big dreams that tomorrow will be a much better day when the meds begin to kick in!

Laura is getting quite rosy in the cheeks...that is usually her "tell" that she is developing an illness that will require nebs for her. But she is still happy, running around the house, making messes everywhere she goes. She is however, becoming more receptive to parental requests to clean up....she lets us know that she is not pleased with this set up, but at least she WILL do it. Michael insists that he is not sick. Yet I wonder: when he broke down in tears today after he dropped his peanut butter toast on the couch, it seemed a bit suspicious.

Thankfully, the kids found plenty to do today regardless of sickness status. Crispy, Michael, and I worked on a paleantology project exploring fossils and making dinosaur molds (thank you Miami Connellys!). The box says ages 5+, but this project was almost too difficult for the 3 of us put together! We really needed about 10 hands to keep everything in place to make the molds. Cool idea, but if you have a low frustration tolerance, stay clear of this Discovery Store item. Crispy's Star Wars legos from were also a hit with everyone today(thank you Chris & Ali!)...we nearly had an intergalactic war going on in our kitchen! Laura's favorite is "Chocolate", or Chewbacca, to the rest of us.

With three plasma cars, more kids are able to race together which occupied 4 of them after dinner until bedtime. Laura can even give Crispy a ride... these things are so great! The kids were having a blast, and using up all of their excess energy appropriately. These cars really should make a top ten list of things absolutely necessary to have in a household with small children. They are one of the best purchases I have ever made.

Tonight we all had the rare opportunity to stay at games, meetings, or other things necessary to attend to. The little kids all went to bed on time, (and most were already asleep when we went to get them 20 minutes later to see the lunar eclipse), and the rest of us relaxed with cozy blankies and squishy pillows and caught up on some American Idol. This season looks like it will be extremely good, as all the finalists appear to be quite talented. Ahh...the simple pleasures of being a couch potato.

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Alison said...

Mastitis huh? That's just about as bad as it can get. I'd take the flu any day over mastitis. Sorry to hear about that - I hope you feel better tomorrow.