Friday, February 22, 2008

Night Out

My baby did something very unexpected today....he fell asleep in his glider while I was taking a shower, and stayed asleep for more than 2 hours! Since Halloween, he has not taken a single nap unless it has been in someone's arms(mainly mine). This allowed me to make lunch for the kids, clean up the kitchen, vaccuum the entire main level AND mop the floor! I also wiped down and de-germinized everything(chairs, sofas, furniture)....had to get this virus out of the house! I was thrilled. And this was all on top of spending 45 minutes this morning cleaning out my truck. It has been months since I have felt like I have had a really productive day. I am sure that once again, my husband won't even notice.

Laura and Thomas are still requiring nebs and look sad... not pathetic anymore, just sad. I felt a bit apprehensive about leaving them this evening, but Grandma Z was capable and in control. Bob & I enjoyed an evening out with some of his co-workers and golfing buddies at the Chanhassen Dinner Theater's one man show "The Wonder Bread Years". The food was great, the show was really funny and entertaining, and Bob's friends were hilarious. Quite inappropriate at times, but hilarious, nonetheless. They were all so quick and witty...I nearly split my sides laughing at them during intermission. I couldn't come up with anything to say that didn't make them look at me like I was from Mars. I discovered I am an even more boring person that I thought was even possible.

Sorry I am so boring.......

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