Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Things I Do Not Want to Live Without

Kind of a humdrum day, just sitting around eating cookies while waiting for everyone else to come by and pick up cookies. So here are just some random musings.....

Things I Do Not Want to Live Without:
*Moms & Dads
*Good Friends
*Our Church
*My House
*My Grand Piano
*My Bible (ESV)
*My Camera!
*The ability to cook well
*Babies in the house(I am going to have to get creative about this one)
*My kids laughing/giggling
*Hugs and little "I love you"'s
*Plasma cars(have I mentioned yet how much we LOVE them??)
*My new biodegradable cleaners....all of them!
*"My Pillow"...the absolute BEST pillows on earth(made in MN)
*My Tempurpedic bed (Ahhhhhh....)
*My Truck!!!
*KTIS 98.5FM
*Ju Ju Be Diaper bags
*Seventh Generation Diapers(they beat ALL regular brands hands down)
*Butternut Squash Ravioli
*Fresh Lemonade
*The ability to ice skate(I am joining a Womens Hockey League soon)
*Seeing my kids truly happy
*Sense of Humor
*Cherry Coke and Cappuccinos
*My GPS...now I can go, go, go!

This is certainly not a comprehensive list...only the first things that come to mind.
Have a lovely day!

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