Tuesday, February 19, 2008

But We Got Our Flu Shots This Year...Honest!

Poor Thomas is so sick. He has been running a rather high temperature since last night of 102-103 degrees. He is just whining and whimpering.....so lethargic and pathetic looking. Every few hours, he is throwing up, but I still think that is because of his cough. Crispy stayed home from school because he felt ill....he ended up okay, but it was good for me to not have to go out and pick him up at the bus stop. I was the lucky recipient of this illness at about 10am this morning. By 10:20, I was miserable too, with chills, fever, and body-aches. Thomas and I spent the rest of the day on the couch, both of us downing a dose of Tylenol every four hours without fail.

Even though he has been nursing constantly, he has only had two wet diapers and looks very pale. He can hardly keep his eyes open. I found the same to be true for myself....I kept falling asleep regardless of how noisy it was around here. And I never nap, so this must be a real illness.

Jonny had his Blue & Gold banquet for cub scouts tonight. Because of his procrastinating mom, he had no dessert to bring for the contest tonight since there was no way I could even try to help him today. Last year, he won Best in Show for his dirt cake with blue and gold silk flowers in a bright blue bucket. I did manage to muster enough energy to take the 5 youngest ones with me for an hour so that they could have dinner there(meaning I didn't have to cook at home) and we could witness Jonny getting his Webelos badge that he has been working on all year. Bob was at a hockey game in Edina with Michael, so we were on our own, sick baby,sick mommy and all.

It was a struggle to walk all the way back to the car, but we finally made it through the cold wind. Jonny stayed to watch the magic show which he said was really good, and another mom drove him home. Thomas and I took our spots back on the couch and quickly fell asleep by 7pm. We were oblivious to the kids playing Wii next to us and Alex fixing the computer~he replaced the video card, so now it works again. Hooray! Melissa wanted to be a big helper for me, so she emptied the dishwasher and filled it with dirty dishes. I could hear some of her comments as she went..."Ewww! Gross!", "Somebody makes very dirty dishes", and "That's disgusting". Crispy came downstairs and eagerly helped her, putting the soap into the machine. It will be interesting to see how the dishes turn out tomorrow.

Michael and Bob came home at around 9:30pm, and Bob ushered me up to bed. He thinks we have influenza...so much for the flu shots we had gotten this fall! All the other kids chose the intranasal administration....hopefully that is more effective than our shots were! Bob said that the kids played one of their best games ever tonight (even though they lost), so he had bought a Gatorade for each player. What a nice guy! Only a couple more weeks of hockey, then things will slow down a bit. And hopefully tomorrow will be a better day....I don't have time to be sick!

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Alison said...

Oh poor Julie and baby! Moms shouldn't ever have to get sick - there just isn't time for it. It sounds like you have some pretty amazing kids that can help you out when you are out of commission. Good job to them!