Thursday, February 21, 2008

You Scream, He Screams, They All Scream

Things look like they are finally turning around. The baby has not had a fever again, and he has replaced his moaning and whining with something that takes a little more energy~screaming. It is really okay....I am just happy that he is not so ill anymore. He still needs nebs to settle his cough, but they have been regular, almost exactly every 4 hours to the minute. Overnight was a bit more challenging, but it was not until now that I remembered I only got 3 hours of sleep (must be my new energy tea!). Laura has also been using nebs today, but she is stable. Between treatments for the two of them, at times I felt like I was running a clinic over here!

I am feeling MUCH better, and the pain is subsiding, meaning I can get back to work! First things first, I got my sink shining again. Melissa has really taken charge of the dishes, and I unloaded a gleaming plate, bowl, cup, and 2 knives from the washer this morning! We may need to chat about the concept of filling up the machine frist. Crispy and Michael opened the dinosaur molds you can see, kind of cool, but I still think I would pass up the stress of the production over the results. Laura opened her ladybug village...we haven't sent away for the larvae yet, but can you see where this will be going in a few weeks? Melissa came home from school having a meltdown because Jonny threw a snowball at her on the way home. Classic Jonny is always a "Wha...?" response. What really irks me is that he thinks we are stupid enough to believe that he is dumb enough not to know what the heck we are talking about. He got an extremely firm talking to(he'll probably say screaming at) about what I think about that ploy of his. After today, if he even thinks about trying that again, I may have to rethink how smart I think he really is. (This is so twisted, even I don't know what I am talking about anymore.)

The neighbor girl came over when Michael and daddy left for a hockey game. Everyone played very well in the basement with the cars. They were having such a great time! Screaming continuously, but they were screams of joy(admittedly the 3 girls' screams were a bit rough on the ears), and the sounds kept Thomas interested by the gate at the top of the stairs, letting me clean my kitchen after dinner. I also had time to mix my new cleaners and germicide so that I would be all set for my cleaning/disinfecting marathon tomorrow. I'm so excited! After about 1-1/2 hours, the kids came up for snack singing, "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!" Now how in the world did they know that was the blogging theme of the day? Smart kids!

Oh! And happy 11 month birthday to Thomas! I can't believe that he is getting so old! I am thankful for his small makes him still seem so babyish. I hope he has an even better day tomorrow!

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