Thursday, February 14, 2008

Recipe for a Great Valentine's Day...Manage-er Requested

If it is the thought that counts, then I really made it the best Valentine's Day ever in the history of the world for my family. I had purchased each kid a special balloon (and a deluxe singing and flashing gigantic balloon for Bob) which I tied to a box of candy hearts(each), and placed them next to a special little present at each kid's usual seating place in the kitchen. I had special cherry turnovers for breakfast for them to eat (in the truck on the way to school, of course!), and pretty little heart shaped cookies for snack. We had pink things available to drink all day, and an assortment of red foods which actually made up a well-balanced lunch and dinner. Everyone also had red and pink clothes from which to choose from to wear. The kids were happy and excited about the day, their Valentine's Parties at school, and Melissa, for her field trip to the Children's Theater.

The morning items went over well, and as planned. But from there, the day slowly fell apart into something almost even less than an ordinary day.

My mom, bless her kind heart, came out early this morning to watch the kids so that I could enjoy some time in Crispy's classroom at his party. She insisted I go, even though the baby had been crabby again all morning, making getting ready to go a near impossible task. I went, Crispy was glad, and the baby was fine. Hurrah! After lunch, Grandma left, and Michael set up my new herb garden (AeroGarden) from my thoughtful husband. I am so thrilled at the prospect of using my own fresh herbs to cook with in just a few short weeks! It is also going to help serve as some good homeschooling for Michael, as I have decided to trade his current boring science program over to something more interesting----botany! What perfect timing! Laura, Tubby, and I raced around the kitchen on our plasma cars....we were having a nice late morning/early afternoon.

I don't know if it was all the riding on the little cars, allergies, or not sleeping well at night, and feeling like I have not been breathing well the past few days, but I ended up having a horrible headache for the rest of the day. It was one of those miserable, nauseating, muscle-aching, bone hurting kinds. All I could do was huddle under the eletric blanket in the sauna room, close my eyes, and pray for the Rapture to come. Not so lucky for me......the Rapture didn't occur, or if it did, I am still here, horrible headache still intact. So either way, not so lucky for me. Gone were the rest of my plans for the family. Our dinner was haphazzard, not anything as I had planned, barely red, and certainly not special. Melissa had girl scouts(where she cried when I dropped her off), Michael had hockey, and I found myself driving all over Waconia for a good hour and forty-five minutes.

Our lovely family show night fell apart just as dinner had. Bob and I even declined an offer from Pam to watch our kids while we went out...we both had been looking forward to spending the evening at home with the kids. Between the evening activites, and my headache, strawberry shortcake dessert was delayed until 8 :30. The kids once again were sent to bed way too late, and now us adults were beginning to crash too. To top it off, we let our dog in and realized she had been attacked outside by something(probably the psychotic owl or the sneaky fox). She had a nice sized bald patch on the top of her head, oozing with blood. Poor puppy! But she is so sweet, she did not seem disturbed in the least, even when I tried to clean it. We were finally about to start, when Bob's aunt called us (accidentally...she was trying to call Bill's house). As many of you can guess, this accidental call lasted quite a while. By the time I was finally free to join my family, it was about 9:30. We began Survivor, and at the first commercial break, only 2 minutes into the show, Michael decided to get some milk. For some unknown reasons, this task took him more than 3 minutes. At this point, Bob had had it, gave up, and went to sleep. No kettle corn, barely one show, and no fancy dinner. Not anything like how I imagined this special day to go. I will just have to pump up their morning memories of the day so that perhaps their minds will be reprogrammed into believing that great things happened on Valentine's Day 2008.

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